April 24th, 2016 - 

Thank you so much for visiting the Train To Win Inc. website. We started this company not too long ago with a dream and vision to help our local community and empower our local students, athletes and young leaders by connecting them with the coaches, organizations, and mentors that can make the kind of positive lifelong impact that helps them develop into future leaders of our community and world. 

Many young people in all facets of life, from academics to athletics and beyond, lack access to the best coaching, training and mentorship resources despite a willingness and hunger to grow, learn and improve. We hope to bridge this gap and serve as the resource that can provide young leaders who have that desire with the resources needed to make their dreams come true and in turn positively impact their local community. 

I personally think back to the many coaches and mentors I had and continue to have, and everyday am reminded how lucky and blessed I was to have these people in my life. However, I also look around and see many of my friends, classmates, and teammates over the years who were not as fortunate, took for granted or did not take advantage of the coaches and mentors in their life and I am reminded that while I am incredibly lucky and blessed many others were not so, and it reminds me everyday why I coach and train for a living but also that so many young athletes are hungry and driven but just need that one special coach to give them the confidence and guidance to change the world.

That is why Train To Win Inc. was started, and that is what I believe in our mission and hope that you do so as well. I want to thank you for the time and consideration to visit our site and hopefully to become part of our mission and vision. We sincerely appreciate it and will endeavor to serve as many of these young leaders as possible with the help of our friends, family and supporters!! 

Thank You, 

Carl Putman, President